Utica, NY (WIBX) - A celebratory reception at the Hotel Utica marked the official announcement of the newly formed IBOPE Zogby International.

The sale of a majority share of Zogby International happened in January of 2010, according to John Zogby, Chairman of the IBOPE Zogby Board of Directors.

IBOPE Group is a Brazilian multinational company specializing in media, market and opinion research. Found in Utica in 1984, Zogby International has focused on global public opinion and polling, 0fficials said.

Zogby said similar events officially marking the transition will soon follow in Miami, Florida and Washington, D.C.

What does it mean in Utica?

"The call center which is a mainstay remains and remains strong, in fact, it's even growing. And the level of business we do is growing. So, people should be looking forward to a longstanding relationship of IBOPE Zogby with the community," Zogby said.

Kjell de Orr, the company's chief executive officer, says the partnership will mean more than $300-million in annual revenue and more than 3,000 international employees.

About 40 people attended the reception including local business leaders, elected officials, employees, clients and suppliers, de Orr said.

"It feel's like [they're saying], 'You're the home team and we're cheering you on', de Orr said.

De Orr also shared a 'personal goal' he has for Utica, a carnival.

"Spring is coming, summer is coming. Shouldn't we be celebrating the light and the sun with a bit of samba and salsa and dancing [in] the streets," he said. "I think we should."