Syracuse, NY (WIBX) - The down turn of the economy may be dampening spirits all across the country, especially here in upstate New York, but there's one event that's sure to lift the economic funk blanket; The New York State Fair! This year marks my second return to the Fair. And, just like last year, I got lost getting to my destination in the massive production of vendors, food, just about anything one can possibly fry, and of course many agricultural exhibits highlighting the importance of the number one industry in the state.

To me, getting lost is part of the fun because you come across the unexpected and sometimes mysterious characters like the two performers in this video.

These two were so neat because despite the large number of people surrounding them, they kept the mysterious essence of their work alive as they made their way through the Fair grounds. The face paint they donned, the cultural aspect of the performace along with their constume, really adds to the Fair.

The Fair offers so much. From the birds of pray exhibit, the performing painter, singing duos and groups to more historical exhibit like those offered at the Fort Stanwix booth. One group worth noting is the African Acrobats. The group consists of 5 men who perform acrobatic stunts with chairs. I was able to tape one of their shows. Check it out below.

The rides, the food, the games...the choices are endless at the NYS Fair. You can spend an entire weekend at the ginormous venue and still not get the chance to see or experience everything that there is to offer. Another fun thing I saw was geared toward the younger crowd. Look at this video of these youngsters having fun jumping and bouncing. I stood watching and wishing I could jump too...

You didn't think I'd leave you without a report on one of the exciting new additions to this year's Fair did you? Remember when we here in the WIBX news room told you about The Big Kahuna Donut Burger? It's a burger made using a glazed donut for buns. Once again, I had no choice but to take another one for the team by trying this creation. Despite my initial skepticism, I have to admit,  it wasn't as bad as it sounded. It leaves a sweet after taste, and if you like the McGriddle, you'll probably like the Big Kahuna too. I was able to briefly talk with Sam about it and here's what he had to say.

Another tent I saw that's worth mentioning is the Wine Village. You can get samples of all the different wines made in NYS and even try a wine slushy. There are so many vendors offering different foods and drinks. Also, check out the different cooking shows and demonstrations. The NY Beef Council offers a variety of events for Fair goers too. They also host a media beef event that always goes over well. The only thing that dissapoints me about the NYS Fair is the fact that I always get lost. The upside to that is...getting lost can be fun.