Herkimer, NY (WIBX) - Sheriffs from three counties are joining forces to help save lives.

The Madison, Herkimer and Oneida County Sheriffs are working with The New York State Sheriffs' Association to implement the Yellow Dot program.

Oneida County Sheriff, Rob Maciol, says Yellow Dot is a free initiative, using a medical information card and decal sticker, to provide first responders with vital information during the first hour following an emergency.

"This card is certainly going to let them know whether they have a cardiac history, whether they're diabetic, what type of medications they may be on," Maciol said. "Like I said, it's key to the first responders getting to the scene, so they know exactly what they're dealing with, because  in many cases the victims in car accidents can't speak to them."

The program was started in Connecticut in 2002, but has since spread to 23 states. Currently, thirty counties in New York are taking part.

To get your own Yellow Dot kit, call your local Sheriff's Office or visit their website here and have one mailed to you.