Guns are still in the news. Is the National Rifle Association doing itself justice or are they making things worse for their cause?  Bill says no matter what side of the gun control debate someone is on public opinion has changed dramatically in the aftermath of the Newtown school shooting.

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott is encouraging New Yorkers frustrated with new gun laws to move to Texas.  He is launching a Google ad campaign telling New Yorkers that they can feel safe in Texas knowing that they, and their right to keep and bear arms, are safe in Texas.

Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te'o is claiming that he was the victim of a hoax, alleging that his girlfriend, with whom he had an exclusively online relationship, never existed.  Te'o had previously said he was inspired by Lennay Kekua, whom he was told was dying of leukemia.  In September his 72-year old grandmother, Annette Santiago, had died.  Hours later he learned that Kekua had succumbed to her disease as well.

In December, while attending the ESPN Awards Show in Orlando, Te'o received a phone call informing him that not only was Kekua not dead, but she never existed in the first place.  The Notre Dame community is said to be rallying around Te'o and his family.