Gloucester Township, NJ (WIBX) - Three police officers are being treated at Cooper University Hospital after a suspect in a domestic violence case opened fire this morning  at a police station in Gloucester Township, New Jersey.

One officer was shot in the stomach, reportedly below his bulletproof vest, just before 5:30am.  WPVI ABC News in Philadelphia is reporting that the officer is undergoing surgery at this hour.  Two other officers are listed in stable condition.

The gunman, whose identity has not yet been released, was shot and killed at the station by police.  There is no information available yet on how and where he got the gun while being processed at the station.

The Gloucester Township Police Station is located on Chews Landing Road in Camden County, New Jersey.

Gloucester Police Chief Harry Earle made a statement at a short news conference this morning.  He said that he expects to provide more information at another press conference scheduled for 3:00pm today.

WIBX's sister station, New Jersey 101.5, is providing updates on this story: