The man who helped lead the Atlanta Falcons to last season's NFC Championship game, only to fall four points short, is giving it one more shot.

Tony Gonzalez, 36, retired after the January 30 loss to the eventual champions, the San Francisco 49ers. But, after talking with his family the timeless tight end is coming back to the Falcons, confirming his decision with Fox Sports.

According to Yahoo Sports, Gonzalez said, "It was the first time I had won a playoff game and hopefully coming back once more we can take it one step further." The one step would be the Super Bowl, a summit Gonzalez has never reached during his 16 year career.

After spending 12 seasons with Kansas City, he went to Atlanta and quickly gelled with quarterback Matt Ryan. Since 2009, Gonzalez' role has expanded on the team as he upped both his touchdown receptions and total receptions year over year.

Where other tight ends and wide receivers may lose a little speed with age, Gonzalez remains a threat. He's made the Pro Bowl 13 times since 1999, with the only exception being 2009.

There is no word on much a possible deal is worth or how long it will be, but in a weak market for tight ends, having Gonzalez in the fold is a move that Atlanta should be very happy with.