During my fathers generation an Associates Degree made you very employable. In my day you needed at least a Bachelors Degree and now for my son, he'd better consider a Masters Degree or better to put his resume on the top of the pile.

Research shows that for even low paying, $10.00 an hour jobs, employers are requiring degrees of higher learning to even be considered nowadays. Economists have referred to this phenomenon as “degree inflation,” and it has been steadily creeping into America’s job market.
As reported in the NY Times:

This prerequisite applies to everyone, including the receptionist, paralegals, administrative assistants and file clerks. Even the office “runner” — the in-house courier who, for $10 an hour, ferries documents back and forth between the courthouse and the office — went to a four-year school.

Is this what I have to tell my son who is attending college? Should I inform him that he may have to incur a lifetimes worth of debt to get that education just to be eligible for the most minimal of jobs? I hope not.