Tomas's Deli and Mini Mart on Mohawk Street is closing its doors this Friday, although co-owner Tony Jabor says they may stay open a little longer although he has stopped making some of their signature items.

Jabor, who is also a manager at the deli says the decision, which was an incredibly difficult one to make, was largely because of the economy. "Business hasn't been where I need it to be."  He says that the business, which opened in February of 1989, has been a part of his family.  He acknowledged sacrifices that his family has had to make over the years and said that he will miss the business and his customers.

He says he will close the doors with sadness and a smile because, after all, it is a new beginning.

He says right now he is planning to stay in the area.  He lives in Utica, grew up in Utica, and has no intention of leaving Utica, but he admits it is all part of the big unknown, and says he has not yet decided what he will do.

The closing is emotional for certain, but Tony is thanking his customers - some of whom have travelled to Toma's from Albany and Watertown, New York - for their both patronage and friendship.  He is also holding the door open slightly on the possibility that he may re-open again elsewhere someday.

Tony says he did not know that Toma's had so much support until they announced that they were closing.  He says he thought that they would slip away quietly.  He is grateful for the support and said that by Monday people will be remembering the family business with fondness.  He said, "It's the way things go...It's nice."

On Toma's Facebook page Toma's made the following post:

 "This is one of the hardest things I had to write. From humble beginnings as hotdog cart being wheeled around the streets of Utica to the corner store that most of you know now, it was a real point of pride for the Jabor family. It would be impossible to show our gratitude to all of the people who came in day after day to buy food, grab some coffee, or just to say hello. Because it's you all that make a store like this a success. Unfortunately, those times have now come to an close. Times are tough right now but you all stood by use until the end and we are all so grateful. From MaryAnn, Tony, and the rest of the crew we thank you for all business you've given us and hopefully this will not be the last you hear of us."

Toma's last official day is Friday, January 3, 2014, but Tony says they may stay open through the weekend.