The Route 291 bridge that crosses Nine Mile Creek is in need of replacement. The State Department of Transportation held a meeting in Marcy to provide the public with information on the project. The current bridge over Nine Mile Creek has structural deficiencies that have forced the two lane bridge into a single lane with traffic both ways controlled by a stop light.

Because of the bridge's condition DOT officials said an off-site detour is necessary to replace the bridge. The detour will re-route northbound traffic from Route 291 onto Mill Street (CR-39), to Route 365 and then back onto Route 291 for a total detour of about half of a mile.

The proposed project will begin accepting bids in October 2015 with construction following in the spring of 2016. The new bridge should then be completed by the fall.

The current cost of the project is $2.8 million of which the state will pay 20%.