Utica, NY (WIBX) - State Police say they do not believe it was a bullet that struck the window of an Adirondack Scenic Railroad Car on Sunday.

Passengers were traveling between Thendara and Utica when an object struck the double-pane window, cracking and puncturing the outer pane.

Captain Francis Coots, with the State Police, explains the odd incident.

"It appears that it's a triangular shaped hole that struck the outer pane of glass," Coots said. "It did not enter the second pane of glass, so no one was hurt or anything like that. No one was in any danger. There was some type of organic material around the hole itself, and it looks like maybe the remains of a bird."

Coots says officials spoke with the Department of Environmental Conservation, who also believe a bird struck the train, though when officials went to the scene they were unable to find any remains. The investigation is continuing.