Utica, NY (WIBX) - Halloween is quickly approaching and Ed Welsh with AAA is once again reminding parents with young trick-or-treaters to exercise caution as they head door to door for Halloween treats. Some precautions Welsh offers to parents include choosing a flame resistant costume, and bringing along a flash light or reflectors. Welsh said, "And obviously a lot of parents already do that, you know, a little LED light, anything that emits a little bit of lights will be very helpful for motorists, but if you give a kid a big powerful flash light you want to make sure they're not putting it in the eyes of oncoming cars, things of that nature."

And, Welsh says for those hosting Halloween parties, make sure precautions are in place to ensure all your guest get home safely. "58-percent of all the traffic fatalities in the United States on Halloween night last year, involved a driver or motorcycle rider with a blood alcohol content of over .8," he said. Welsh says having a designated driver is the safe bet. You can find the complete list of AAA Halloween Safety Tips for all ages here.