Two sets of fires in portable toilets are being investigated by authorities in Syracuse, New York.

The first fire started on Friday, April 18, 2014 at a porta-potty in front of the Wilson Building on the 300 block of South Salina Street.  Firefighters put the blaze out quickly.  No injuries were reported but the two plastic structures that were positioned side by side were said to have melted to the ground.

Eyebrows were raised when a second fire began on Sunday in another porta-potty in front of the same building.  This time the fire spread to a wooden construction structure attached to the building.  Firefighters gained control of the second fire in three days soon after it was reported.  There were no injuries and the building itself was not damaged.

The two fires broke out at about the same time, about a quarter to six in the evening both times, and authorities say they are still investigating.