Two Utica men are facing numerous charges following a traffic stop on the one-thousand block of Green Street.

Utica Police say the driiver of the vehicle tried to distract the officer by getting out of the car, throwing an open can of beer at the officer, locking the car doors and throwing the keys to a friend who ran away with them.

They says a hostile crowd gathered to further incite the situation.

The driver of the vehicle, 38-year old Terry Spratt and his passenger, 24-year old Jame Schiess, were taken into custody after backup arrived.

Police say Schiess was in possession of a loaded handgun that had been reported stolen.

Spratt and Schiess are facing charges including criminal possession of a weapon, criminal possession of stloen property resisting arrest and

Authorities say Schiess was arrested in March for possession of a loaded handgun.