An attempted daytime burglary in Deerfield landed two Vernon men in jail.

The Oneida County Sheriff's Office says they received a call yesterday afternoon from a citizen who said they spotted a black SUV drive past a home on Walker Road several times.

When the vehicle stopped, Adam Trost, 24, got out and cased the house to see if anyone was home. Once he determined it was empty, he kicked in a side door of the home and walked in. He later left the house with something and drove off with another man, later identified as Matthew West, 26, behind the wheel.

Deputies soon stopped the SUV and arrested both men. They were each charged with felony Burglary. While at the Sheriff's Office, during questioning the two admitted to other daytime burglaries in Oneida County.

Trost and West were both sent to the Oneida County Jail, with bails set at $30,000 and none, respectively.

The Sheriff's Criminal Investigation Unit is still investigating the other burglaries.