Utica, NY (WIBX) - Sixteen individuals are graduating tomorrow. But, not until they complete the last step in their 14-weeks long training to become firefighters. The Utica Fire Academy on Leeland Avenue in Utica was a buzz with activities this morning, as recruits worked feverishly to start and then put out a controlled fire. Utica Fire Department Captain, Raymond Centolella is one of the trainers. He said, "They have three days of live burns, each day simulating a different type of structure and a different type of evolution. Yesterday we did solid fires, today they are simulating a high rise building type wind building. They enter the structure, they have to beat the stand pipe , put the connection on the outside, they have to go to the fire puller below the fire, make the stand pipe connection and actually go to the fire floor and fight the flame."

He says the training is the last step they have to pass before graduating as members of the 21st class of UFD trained firefighters. The recruits hail from different parts of the state including, Saratogo, Fort Drum, Oswego and Fulton.