Gloucester Township, NJ (WIBX) - Three officers are said to be recovering after a man who was being processed on domestic violence charges at the Gloucester Township Police Station in New Jersey opened fire inside the station.

Police say the gunman, now identified as Eddie Jones III, had been arrested after 1:00am Friday, December 28, 2012 for stalking an ex-girlfriend.

After he was brought to the station, he overpowered Officer Ruth Burns inside and grabbed her gun.  He then shot her and two other officers who tried to help.

Sergeant James Garber underwent emergency surgery after being shot several times. Sergeant Kevin Thine was also shot by Jones.

Edward Jones III was killed by police during the shooting. The case is now being handled by the Camden County Prosecutor's Office and the Gloucester Township Police Department's Internal Affairs office.  A statement on the department's Facebook page instructs the public that operations at the police department are back to normal.