Sherrill, NY (WIBX) - New York State police are still investigation the tragic stabbing in Sherrill that killed a 6-year-old girl. Officials are reporting that three children lived in the home on 408 Primo Avenue. Six-year-old twin girls and their 9-year-old brother. Lauren, one of the twin girls died from stab wounds inflicted by her mother's live-in boyfriend, 30-year-old David L. Trebilcock.

Troop D Public Information Officer, Trooper Jack Keller said, "Right now what our investigation revealed is the homeowner, 36-year-old Alison Belius, awoke to one of her children screaming, she ran to the screaming, which is in one of the children's bedrooms. At which time she tried to get into the bedroom but it was blocked, barricaded by a dresser that Mr. Trebilcock put against the door to prevent anyone getting in. She eventually got in there and basically watched and tried to stop the attack on her six-year-old daughter Lauren, who was being stabbed at the time."

He said the other daughter was able to escape from the bedroom with her 9-year-old brother and run to the neighbor for help. Officials are not releasing the names of the other children involved. Keller says because of the on-going investigation they are unable to release information about the suspect's mental health history. "We don't have any record of any calls to that residence regarding this individual. Certainly we are doing our investigation. We have investigators out in the field right now working on leads and interviewing people," Keller said.

The suspect is still recovering at St. Elizabeth Medical Center in Utica where he is listed in guarded condition. Officials say they are waiting for doctors to release him before he is arraigned and charged with 2nd Degree Murder. "There are several wounds on him, we're not sure whether they were self inflicted or whether they occurred when the mother interceded in the assault, "Keller said. He is expected to survive his injuries. "He will be released shortly, I suspect within the next few days," Keller said. An autopsy on the victim is still underway and officials say they are waiting to hear the results.