The Utica City School District's Board of Education passed its budget for this year, though one member was not pleased.

In a 6 to 1 vote, only Louis LaPolla was against the budget, saying several changes made during the executive session stopped him from supporting it.

The changes LaPolla mentioned were to two part-time non-teaching positions that were made full-time, although specific details have not been released.

But, Superintendent Bruce Karam says the changes were small.

"You know, there was just a couple minor variations to it," Karam said. "It is what it is. We had a $5.6 million dollar deficit, along with a $586,000 reduction in sequestration funds from the federal government. When you add those two things together, you've got almost a $6.2 million dollar deficit."

Any changes made will take effect July 1st, with the rest of the budget.