In a nine to zero decision, the Utica Common Council adopted a new city ordinance last night, voting to collect a 15% surcharge on all alcohol sales and collect a dollar from each ticket sold on city property. Council at Large Jerry Kraus introduced the legislation two months ago and says he'd like to see the city start collecting immediately.

"At these events, we're using D.P.W., we're using Police, Fire, we're using personnel to take care of some of the work that's involved with these projects, so this is a good way to recoup some of those expenses.", Kraus said in an interview after the meeting.

The money collected will go into a special fund set aside for upkeep and improvements of city properties, venues like Hanna Park. Softball tournaments held on city property as well as events at the Utica City Zoo and Hanna Park are expected to be the first places where you will be asked to cough up the additional dollar or two.