Utica, NY (WIBX) - The Utica Common Council made a standing committee change, voting 5 to 3 to remove First Ward Councilman Frank Vescera from all committees he currently sits on.

Councilman Viscera was removed from Economic Development, Municipal Housing and Urban Renewal, Codes and Neighborhood Preservation, the Communication, Internet, Computer and Technology Committee and the Government and Education Committee.

Council President Bill Moorehouse says the council was left with no alternative, saying "We made a rule that was passed by the council and Mr. Vescera won't follow the rule." Adding "He's still going to put the camera on the table. The only thing we could do was censure him and remove him from the committees".

Councilman Vescera says he is still going to attend committee meetings, saying "It needs to be made very clear that my removal from council committee positions in no way prevents me from representing the First Ward, in no way prevents me from attending these committee meetings and in no way prevents me from voting on any council legislation".
Last meeting, the Common Council voted to censure Councilman Vescera for continuing to
videotape meetings from his place at the table and not from the designated area for videotaping equipment.