Utica First Ward Councilman Frank Vescera charged that the Common Council violated the law when they voted not to place him on any committees.

Vescera, speaking on First News with Keeler in the Morning on Thursday, charged that because he was not informed of the meeting, the law was broken.  Vescera said he is reporting the incident to the Ethics Committee.

The Councilman also claims that he had nothing to do with the recent scandal involving Council President Frank Meola and the Democratic candidate Ashley Torres, who ran a primary against him.  He says he became involved only after the husband of Torres asked him to assist because Utica Police refused to help him.

Alexis Torres held a press conference on Monday charging that Council President Frank Meola violated campaign fund laws, abused his power as Council President and had a relationship with his wife.

Last year, then Councilman Frank Meola handpicked Ashley Torres to run against Vescera for the First Ward Council seat and publicly vowed to oust him from office.  Meola said Vescera was a 'disruption' at Common Council meetings.  Vescera ultimately won the primary and ran unopposed in the general election.

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