Were young Utica school students briefly subjected to a pornographic video?

Utica fire officials say they are investigating and have indicated that yes it was an adult film, but the kids weren't really exposed to pornography, according to WUTR.

WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning spoke with WUTR reporter Chelsea Rarrick, who broke the story this week. She spoke with Utica's fire chief who indicated once the video began, personnel quickly covered the screen and any exposure was 'minimal'.

The incident occurred late in 2012 during Fire Prevention Week.

Rarrick spoke to several city officials, and got a bit of the run around, being sent back and forth from the city's corporation counsel, the fire department, police then back to city hall.

Fire Chief Russ Brooks says he's not sure if the tampering was done by a fire department official, or a civilian - and if it's determined who was responsible, they will be held accountable.

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