A two and a half story building in Utica has been closed down after firefighters fought off the second blaze there in less than ten days.

During the early morning hours of Sunday, August 18, 2013 heavy smoke and fire was seen coming through the roof of 956 Bleecker Street.  The Utica Fire Department says that it appears that there were several mattresses on the floor of the attic.  In a release describing the event the UFD says "the amount of fire was very intense, the roof collapsed onto the attic floor causing a building integrity issue."

This is the second time firefighters have responded to this particular address.  The first fire took place on August 9, 2013.  At that time investigators found needles and drug paraphernalia inside the property, which was unoccupied.  The property owner, identified as Timothy Klotz of Utica, was notified by authorities that the property needed to be secured.  The UFD states that he "did not comply" with that request.

The cause of the second fire is still under investigation.  In the meantime the City of Utica has boarded the property "due to the potential hazards for the community."