The City of Utica's new Independence Party Chairman Tim Julian was in the hot seat on WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning on Tuesday for what turned into the show's first 'Grab Bag of Topics'. 

Among the topics covered, Julian was very critical of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Roann Destito, Commissioner of the State Office of General Services.

Economic Development and Good News:

  • I wonder if we're about to pop, or if this is very forced and contrived.

Tax Free SUNY:

  • It was given poor marks by watchdog groups, Julian said. It's going to take away good employees from tax paying business that already exist and its pitting those companies against each other.
  • You're going to bring a company in for a very short period of time, uneven the playing field, then they may turn around and leave when the benefits are up, Julian said.

AHL Hockey:

  • Very exciting, I would want to make sure the fan base it there. Utica College has been a great tenant at the Utica AUD and I'd like to see them draw those crowds for the AHL. Financially, it will be interesting to see if that can be sustained, as it was before, because alot of businesses have left since the Utica Devils were here.

UPD Facebook page:

  • A countywide economic development agency was pushing to get that removed because the racist comments were portraying the area in a bad way. Unfortunately, I think when you have a forum on the internet where someone can go on anonymously, you're going to have victims of that 'goon squad' mentality.  I think its a valuable tool, I'd like to see it back...if they need to do it and limit comments.

Utica's high rate of registered sex offenders:

  • The question is, are we breeding more sex offenders here, or are we importing this problem? Because some of these laws keep their backgrounds secure, that's a question that has to be asked through social services.

Oneida Nation Deal:

  • My opinion has always been that you have a business that's not paying taxes. Yes, it employs a large number of people. Now, you're going give them a ten county territory - a monopoly - and they will enforce a NY state tax which they will get to keep, which is where I think alot of the $50 million [they will pay the state] is going to come from. I think there was alot left on the table. ''I think the Governor should be ashamed of his bully tactics, which seems to be the way he works. He had a partner in crime with [Anthony] Picente and I think he went with it.''
  • Later in the interview, Julian questioned the role of Roann Destito, a longtime assemblywoman from Rome and the current Commissioner of the New York State Office of General Services. ''Why is she there?'', Julian asked, saying Destito addressed members of the Oneida County Board prior to their vote on the agreement

Utica Mayor Rob Palmieri:

  • Everyone has their own style...has a very boots on the street approach. I'm not saying its right or wrong. But, Julian said it is important to have a balanced approach. You can't forgo economic development for public safety, or public safety for keeping the streets clean. Everything has to work together.