Utica, NY (WIBX) - It's the end of Utica Monday Nite... We're just learning that the long running summer program featuring Music performances and Art, is coming to an end after 15 years.

Producer and Director, Lynne Mishalanie, says the decision was one made by the board, and it was due to the lack of funding and the uncertainty of the future. She said, "One of the unknowns for us would be if the council decides to start charging to use venues, and of course we use all city venues because it's in different places around our downtown, so there's just not that much security in knowing exactly what would be enforced by the time we got to our event." She says a schedule of UMN summer events is typically due around April 15th, and with all the uncertainty, including the lack of funding from the City of Utica, the board made the tough decision last night to end the program.

The event was held every Monday night during the summer months. She says Utica Monday Nite will remain a non-profit organization that will continue to promote the heritage and culture of the area. However, how the group will continue its mission also remains unknown she says.