Utica, NY (WIBX) - An intermunicipal agreement between Utica and Albany has been passed by the common council.

The agreement connects Utica with a purchasing pool within the City of Albany to lower the cost of fire department equipment that isn't already available through county or state pools.

Mayor David Roefaro says it's a way to save taxpayer money by buying in bulk.

"For those things that you may not be able to get on state bid cheap enough," Roefaro said, "or, that you have to bid out for three different bidders and you may not be able to save enough money, this allows us another avenue to partner with our other municipalities--such as Albany and such as the other municipalities who are joining this coalition. We can save money and we can buy in bulk."

He says whether its a fire truck or other fire equipment, they can buy them together and save.

Roefaro says there is no contract to sign and there is no risk--only benefits.