Utica, NY (WIBX) - Mayor David Roefaro and Utica Police Mark Williams were on hand to announce the induction of six new officers to the city's police force.

Jillian Faville, Muamer Omeragic, Christian Portalatin, David Salle Junior, Richard Stanek and John Zayas were sworn in by Roefaro during the ceremony.

For Omeragic, being sworn in as a member of the Utica Police Department allows him to pay tribute to the city he loves.

"I came here as an immigrant from Bosnia in '95 and I would like to thank this city, and this country, but this city in particular for giving me the opportunity to do what I did," Omeragic said. "[To] come this far in my life as I did,  I thank them for everything this city has done for me."

Utica Police Chief, Mark Williams, says although today is a joyous day, the new officers must be thankful for the opportunity they have.

"The way I look at it, is that this has been my life," Williams said. "These officers, these six that we hired, I hope they take this job very serious. I'm going to hold them to it, and that they truly go out there and protect the people that pay their salaries."

The new officers now have to complete a 24-week police academy training program and another 13-week field training program.