There's some good news at the gas pumps.

AAA's Ed Welsh says after an early season peak of $4.00 a gallon on February 26th, prices in the Utica-Rome market are going down.

The average price is $3.94 a gallon, down three cents from last week.

Last year at this time, we were paying $3.96 a gallon.

Meanwhile, Welsh say AAA has just completed a year long study of the six upstate gasoline markets -- Utica-Rome, Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, Binghamton and Albany -- tracking the price averages for each market.

Ed Welsh says the the Utica-Rome market had the highest price in upstate 31 out of the past 52 weeks.

Welsh says over the last year, Utica-Rome was never lower than the third highest price in the six upstate markets.

He say transportation costs to get the gas here and a higher sales tax are two of the main reasons for the higher prices at the pump.