A Utica woman is facing felony assault charges after an investigation revealed she allegedly abused her three year old son.

When Samantha Waller, 25, brought her son into the emergency room for a leg injury, the physician became concerned after noticing other injuries and contacted police.

After an investigation, UPD investigators found that Waller was allegedly responsible for multiple injuries that happened over several months.

It was discovered that the child had suffered several injuries:

  • Spiral fracture to the leg
  • broken ribs
  • lacerated liver
  • fractured hip
  • broken collarbone
  • laceration to the face (permanent scar because it was never treated)
  • multiple scars to the back (believed caused by extension cord)

Waller was indicted by the Oneida County Grand Jury on December 20.

All three of Waller's children have been placed in foster care.