Utica, NY (WIBX) - A resolution to suspend all commercial building demolition within the city of Utica was discussed at the latest Common Council meeting.

Second Ward Councilman James Zecca introduced the resolution, which would halt the destruction of all commercial structures, including the vacant HSBC building at the corner of Genesee and Columbia Streets, until the adoption of Mayor Roefaro's Master Plan.
"Its going to be very difficult for anybody to develop on that lot...they're proposing to build a parking lot, so that means we're not going to get any tax dollars because its going to be a public parking lot." Zecca said in an interview after the meeting.

Michael Bosak, President of the Landmarks Society of Greater Utica addressed the council, calling the HSBC building an important part of Utica's downtown. "Its a signature landmark building, it's not new necessarily, but it's scenic and historic and this is a scenic building, it think, so I would be very disappointed if it was torn down for parking." he said.

The resolution was not adopted, however it will be reviewed in the near future.