Utica, NY (WIBX) - Utica Mayor David Roefaro has a 3-point plan that could change the way upstate New York municipalities deal with the ever soaring crow population.

According to Roefaro, since the early 90’s the crow population in Upstate New York has increased exponentially, specifically in cities across the I-90 corridor. He says combating these birds has forced municipal leaders to waste thousands of taxpayer dollars in separate attempts to scare the birds away. Roefaro would like these cities to come together and address the crow problem regionally.

Mayor Roefaro has written the State Director for USDA here in New York asking the USDA to hold a regional training summit here in Utica where "upstate cities could discuss this issue at the same table and perhaps coordinate USDA efforts better” the mayor said, adding “More importantly, in an effort to reduce the local taxpayer burden, I am asking the USDA to use this summit as an opportunity to train the various city park workers on how to responsibly deter crows on their own".

Roefaro is also asking for specific research into the crow’s natural predator - the Great Horned Owl.  The mayor would like the USDA to commission a study examining the current population of the Great Horned Owl here in upstate New York.

Finally, Mayor David Roefaro is asking the public to do their part, if you're a resident, he asks you don't put garbage bags out until the night of pickup and if you're an owner or operator of a local business with a dumpster, he urges you and your employees to make sure the lid is closed.