FAIRFAX, Vt. (AP) — A Vermont gun importer is laying-off 41 employees and the company is blaming the White House for blocking a permit needed to import a large number of historic firearms from South Korea.

In a news release posted on its website, Century International Arms of Fairfax says it had been planning on importing a large number of vintage WWII-era, M1 Garand rifles.

The company says all the normal approvals were in place, but the permit was blocked at the last minute. The company says there was no rational reason for blocking the importation of the 70-year-old firearms.

The company says the nearly $30 million deal would have provided a revenue stream during a downturn in the firearms industry.

Century Arms says it could expand its workforce when the industry recovers.

(Story by: The Associated Press with minor editing and links added by WIBX)