''This is the day that they told us we need to be out by.''

Melissa Borden and her husband live in Newport, NY, but are expecting to be evicted from there home today (4/1/13). She describes a scenario where after she thought she had been approved for a home loan, then had the home built, found out she did not own it and would need to be evicted after the monthly costs doubled.

According to Melissa, it started about five years ago and  when the couple wanted to build a home on their 66 acre parcel of land. The home sits on five acres.

''It's a manufactured home, and everything was being done,'' Borden says, believing the couple had been approved for a loan. ''We were never notified that the mortgage wasn't approved until after the entire home, foundation and garage had been built,'' she said.

Borden described a package-style deal where the company she was working with was going to take care of all the details - mortgage, building, etc.

''We were paying $750 a month. We were trying to keep it around a thousand dollars or less, if possible. When they said he was being deployed [the company] told me I should pay $1500.

''They told me that I was approved for the home and all we needed was the closing date,'' she said.

''We've never done this before, and they never told us that we needed to bring a lawyer. They said to show up and we did. We didn't have any reason to not trust them.''

However, Borden says she was later notified, when the home and work had been completed, that her and her husband were not approved for a mortgage, saying the deal fell through. And, because they were not approved, the home was not theirs, even though it was built on their land.

Borden estimates they have already put $50,000 into the home, between fees and mortgage payments (or, as it appears now, rent payments).

WIBX First News with Keeler in the Morning was told later in the day Monday that the couple was not evicted, however, the situation is still unresolved.

UPDATE - Tuesday (4/2/13)

Someone with knowledge of how to help veterans with housing issues is offering her help the Borden Family.

Tonya Souza de Lima works with Heroes Home Advantage, and is founder of Mission PROTECT.

Not having the background and details on this particular case, she says loans in many cases are approved in segments -ground breaking, the foundation, the framing and siding and then when everything passes inspection, the final piece of the loan is approved, she said.

It sounds like, either the financing fell through or did a portion of the work not pass inspection, she said.

When you get a construction loan you have to own the land so you can use it as collateral.

When she heard of the reported $2,000 per month that Bordens say they owe per month, Souza de Lima said, ''Wow they must be living in the Taj Mahal, that's pretty significant for Newport.''

''I will do everything in my power to help  this couple.''

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