Utica, NY (WIBX) - Officials in the City of Utica gathered at The Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument in Oneida Square for the annual wreath laying ceremony honoring our nations Vets on this Veterans Day. Mayor David Roefaro made the opening remarks, thanking Veterans for their service to the country. 5th Ward Councilman and Veteran, Jerome McKinsey reminisced about the day he enlisted into the Military. He said, "I can remember when a large group of us in High School decided that we were going to go into the military, and we were little kids--scared little kids that were going to be away from our families for the first time. We went into the military and it was tough, you know, and when we came out we were men, we were young men."

McKinsey says Veterans day serves as a reminder of the sacrifices made for the freedoms we all enjoy. "Veterans day will also remind us of those freedoms that so many people sacraficed so much for, so many families sacraficed lives, and a day like today when the City steps out of it way to honor our Veterans, it's just a real classy thing to do," he added. The wreath laying ceremony was one of several being held throughout the County.