If you belong to or would like to belong to a fruit and vegetable co-op, or even if you just grow a small amount in your own yard and find yourself letting some of your produce go to waste this site may be for you.

The new website Ripe Near Me is a digital version of the age-old co-op.

The site lets you search and find homegrown fruits and veggies in your neighborhood and surrounding communities, and you can also find people interested in trading their extra cucumbers for your surplus of tomatoes.

You can search for your favorite produce, find someone in your area that grows it and follow them so you know when their products are ripe.

You can add any extra produce you may have on hand to start things off and after sharing the site with friends and like-minded gardeners, you'll have a network of growers to barter with.

The site is in the beta stage right now, so there aren't a lot of local growers utilizing it, but it works just fine.

RipeNear.Me originally launched in Australia and has since made its way to the U.S. and now parts of Europe.

Watch a video about Ripe Near Me below: