UPDATE: 07/23/2014 0809   EDITOR'S NOTE: The video has been removed by the parents because of the criticism they have been receiving.  Out of respect for their decision, we have kept the posting but are acknowledging the reason they removed the video.

Move over Robert Channing of America's Got Talent, the 'World's Greatest Speed and Glitter Painters' might just actually be two toddlers from Richmond, Virginia.

Ryan and Karey Nobles, formerly of New Hartford, awoke to silence on Saturday morning.  It seemed their 3 children, ages 1 through 4, were sleeping late, allowing them to sleep in, as well.  What they didn't know was that the two younger siblings were out of bed and quietly repainting their bedroom, along with the hallway, the furniture, the floor and even themselves.

"It is crazy," said Ryan, who is an anchor and political correspondent for the NBC television affiliate in Richmond.  "If your kids let you sleep in a bit, chances are they are up to no good," he added.

Nobles said it took roughly four hours to clean up the mess and that the children were appropriately punished, based on their age.

Nobles appears on First News with Keeler in the Morning on WIBX regularly as a political analyst.

The video below features the youngest child, Essie, and 1/3rd of the mess that was created on Saturday morning.