If a local police department is purchasing firearms, it only makes sense that they would buy from a local gun manufacturer, right?

It not quite that simple says Utica Police Public Information Officer Sgt. Steve Hauck.

Keeler in the Morning listeners contacted the show questiong why the UPD's recent purchase of assualt weapons came from Smith and Wesson and not Remington Arms in Ilion.

''When these guns were purchased, they were purchased under state contracts. When you are part of government, as police are, essentially, you get your specifications whether its a car, firearm or whatever. You have to look at what the state bids are.,'' said Hauck.

''When the firearms were purchased, Remington didn't have a bid on that state contract,'' Hauck said. ''The state says 'This is what your specifications are, you can choose this or this.''

Based on what UPD had to choose from, they selected the Smith and Wesson because of 'familiarity' with their standard police issue S &W, he said.

''I will say Remington makes a great firearm. All of our shotguns that we carry are all Remington,'' he said.

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