A survey finds that about a third of Americans believe that God will play a role in the outcome of Super Bowl XLVII.

The Public Religion Research Institute says of the more than one thousand Americans surveyed, twenty-seven percent believe that God plays a role in determining who wins the big game.  More significant, perhaps, is the fact that a majority believe that God rewards those players who live good lives.  Fifty-three percent surveyed say that God grants good health and success to religious athletes.  And half say that they approve of athletes publicly thanking God for those rewards.

When it comes to making the choice between going to church or watching football, twenty-six percent say they are more likely to be in church on any given Sunday. Just seventeen percent say their eyes are on the field rather than the altar.

So, who will win Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday?  Two percent of those surveyed by the Public Religion Research Institute identified themselves with the San Francisco 49ers, one percent with the Baltimore Ravens.  Does that mean that San Francisco's fans are more religious?  If so, a third of Americans think that God just might take that into consideration.