Snowstorm Nemo is set to drop more than two feet of snow throughout the Northeast, including New York City and Boston.

But where does Nemo rank among the worst storms to hit Boston in recent memory? On this day 35 years ago, Boston was receiving the last of a monumental 27 inches of snow. As the snow fell, residents were unable to leave their homes, and more than 100 people died.

Other areas also saw massive amounts of snow. Woonsocket, Rhode Island reported a massive 33.2 inches of the white stuff during the two-day storm.

Utica and the surrounding areas, though, were left relatively unharmed, though our region had its own troubles during the Blizzard of '66, which dropped 31 inches from January 29-February 1st.

In the spirit of hoping the Nemo isn't nearly as scary as its 35 year-old predecessor, here is a look back at the storm that brought the Northeast to its knees.

A Bostonian attempts to dig out their car during the storm:

John Blanding,

South Boston didn't fare much better. Many were stranded by deep snow that blocked cars in:

Cranston, Rhode Island, was also inundated with snow. One home made their intentions clear:

Things weren't all bad, though. Students at MIT earned a snow day and made the most of it: