The ad is named 'Gracie' and this one is the second in the series of a commercial campaign that has prompted racial complaints, even in 2014.  No matter, Cheerios is standing by the concept and they're about to enter the arena of Superbowl ads for the very first time.

The original commercial released last year featured a little girl named Gracie who is bi-racial; her mother is white and her father is black (you can see the original spot here).  The spot caused a large backlash of racist comments and General Mills, the parent company of Cheerios, stuck to their guns.

“Cheerios is about families and love and connections — and breakfast,” said Camille Gibson, vice president of marketing for Big G cereals. “Our new Cheerios ad celebrates one of those special moments with a family that America fell in love with."

Now, fast forward to 2014 and it's Superbowl time and the new commercial is adding a twist to the Gracie storyline.

Will this one spur negative reaction?

It seems the answer is yes as reports say the comments below the ad were disabled on YouTube because what was being written was so inappropriate.

Here's the ad that will air in Sunday's Superbowl.

Here's the first ad that aired last year: