We've all grown so close to the story of Safyre, from down the thruway, asking for Christmas cards from around the world. We have another child looking for a similar request. Four-year-old William Atkinson is battling leukemia, and is asking for cards.

This brave little boy is battling Leukemia, and has for the past year and a half. The one thing that makes him happy is Christmas cards. According to the Daily Echo, William's grandmother Kathy Atkinson is asking people from around the world to send cards.

"We are asking people to send their support - their compassion and their good wishes - to William in a Christmas card," she added. "He loves it when the post comes - he will be so excited when all the cards come through the door for him. We would also like to keep these cards for him for when he is older so that he can see how people from all over the world cared."

Send cards to William Atkinson at 16 Alderbury Close, Swanage, BH19 2SN

Here's a video of William from a few years back: