Norris Arm, Newfoundland (WIBX) - She drove 40 kilometers, or just about 25 miles, with a smashed car and broken bones but made it to work without batting an eye.

It was not until a co-worker asked her what happened that the mother of two sought medical attention and officials figured out that Michelle Higgins had hit a moose on the way to work.

The roof of her vehicle was almost ripped off and apparently no one on the Trans-Canada highway called to report anything erratic.  CBC News reports that Michelle Higgins said that she remembered only pulling into her parking spot and being questioned by co-workers.

She has since driven to the scene of the accident with family members and cannot remember anything about the moment of impact.  She questions whether she was driving "like some sort of lunatic" and how no one else on the road noticed either her driving or the condition of her car, which was obviously very badly damaged.

By all accounts she is lucky to be alive and says that she hopes that she will eventually remember the incident.