A chilling discovery in Michigan may stress the importance of checking in on one's neighbors every so often.

The nearly mummified body of a woman, thought to be dead for at least five years, was found inside a car in the garage of a home in Pontiac, Michigan this week.

According to the story, as reported in an article written by John Wisely, Christina Hall, and Niraj Warikoo with contributions by L.L. Brasier of the Detroit Free Press, the woman's keys were in the ignition but it had been turned to the "off" position.

Although her internal organs had decomposed, her skin remained intact and there appear to be no obvious signs of trauma or injury.  The body had essentially, according to authorities, mummified.

Neighbors say they thought she had simply left the area and her home.  Their only noted concern, apparently, was a hole in the roof through which raccoons were said to have been getting in and out of the house.

Monthly utilities were paid, the lawn was manicured, and the property was maintained thanks to bills being automatically debited from her account, including her mortgage.  When the nearly $54,000 in her account eventually ran out the bank foreclosed on the home.

On Wednesday, March 5, 2014 the bank sent a contractor to the house to check on the property.  It was then that the body of the woman, whose identity has not yet been released, was discovered.

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