Did you know you might have hidden messages on Facebook that could be up to three years old? In 2010 Facebook launched a separate inbox folder that acts like your e-mail "spam" folder. The only catch is you might actually want to read some of those messages.

If you click on the "messages" icon on your Facebook page, a list of correspondence with your confirmed Facebook friends pops up. What some people don't notice right away however, is that there is an "other" option for your inbox. This option was launched by Facebook to clean up users' in-boxes.

When we investigated it ourselves we found multiple messages from pages we "like" that didn't matter, but there were a few that we missed out on.

One message was two years old and from a musician who was giving out free downloads to his Facebook fans. Another was from a family friend who was looking for contact information.

So check your inbox, twice. You may have a message that you don't want to miss.