The 25-year-old mayor of nearby Ithaca didn't seem to take his cue when 'Meet the Press' host Chuck Todd attempted to steer the conversation towards Obama Care on Sunday's NBC news program.

"People are talking more about potholes," said Svante Myrick, the Democrat who was elected in 2012 as the city's youngest mayor.  When asked again about healthcare, Myrick once again went back to potholes and was quickly cut-off by Todd.  The host went back to the young mayor one final time at the end of the round table discussion when he asked him 'what gets Democrats motivated.  Myrick once again attempted to use potholes as his metaphor.



"In 6 months from now when folks are insured...they're going to be talking about, yes, those potholes, but who's going to create jobs, who's going to help my kid go to college," Myrick said. "If the Republicans continue to talk about the past, I don't think they're going to be successful."

Watch a clip from the show.