What weather can we see in Central New York for the 2016 Boilermaker Weekend? Unfortunately, it could be filled with rain and thunder. 

EyeWitness News Chief Meteorologist Rachael Witter tells us this Boilermaker weekend may be a wet one.

Saturday there is a chance of Rain and Thunder during the Boilermaker 3 Mile Walk. Bring an umbrella to be safe. The walk will still take place in the rain. Rachael says highs will be around 80.

On Sunday, there is a chance of rain during the race with a high in the lower 70s. Chances are during the race, the temp will be in the high 60s. If it's not raining, expect mostly cloudy skies.

You can grab a 5 day weather forecast by Clicking Here. Also, check out Rachael's forecasts from CNYHomepage.

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