A local attorney and father's rights activist who had his law license suspended in 2010 is wanted on a bench warrant and has told authorities he "will resist' if police attempt to take him into custody, according to a document distributed by police. Oneida County Sheriff Rob Maciol confirmed that Leon Koziol, 60, of New Hartford is wanted by police for failure to pay over $40,000 in child support. The document, intended for police agencies, was leaked on social media on Thursday. Sheriff Maciol confirmed the document's authenticity; but, said it never should have been made public.

Police document
Police document

The document states that Koziol spoke with authorities on August 28th and said he had "no intention of turning himself in." It continues to state that he told police, he "has the right to resist and will" and stated that "he is expecting to make front page news if anyone attempts to take him into custody."

Koziol has been at odds with family court for several years and is believed to owe $46,805 in back support. He's been sentenced to six months in jail, or pay the back support to avoid jail time. In 2010, his license to practice law was suspended because of his refusal to pay child support, according to reports. He unsuccessfully appealed to the Appellate Court to regain his license to practice law on at least two occasions most recently in 2016.  Koziol is also the founder of Parenting Rights Institute, an organization that works mostly with fathers in custody and support cases.  Koziol also unsuccessfully ran for Congress in 2016.

His bio touts several landmark cases in which he was successful in state and federal court, as well as an appearance on CBS's 60 Minutes.

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