Nobody can seem to figure out why after all these years, 70's pop duo 'Captain and Tennille' is getting a divorce.

It was just a few years ago that Toni Tennille announced that her husband was suffering from a form of Parkinson's Disease and it was so bad, according to TMZ, that she claimed he was embarrassed to go out in public.

So, why are the two splitting?  Is Toni overwhelmed by the Captain's disease?  Is she abandoning the man she once called 'The Love of Her Life?'  Or, is the divorce a matter of financial convenience because of health insurance issues caused by new Obamacare regulations?

A CBS New York report from November of last year cited the fact that Obamacare actually has stipulations that some refer to as a 'marriage penalty' where health insurance is actually cheaper if you're divorced. The story features a NYC couple, Nona Willis Aronowitz and Aaron Cassara, who would actually save a substantial amount of money on health care if they were single.

TMZ posed the question:

Here's what's unclear -- whether it's possible Toni really filed for health insurance reasons ... whether his coverage might be better if they were divorced.

The Captain and Tennille Fan website disclosed last week that Toni Tennille met with a divorce attorney in Phoenix.  Friends of the couple told the Enquirer that the they moved to their dream home in Prescott, Arizona in 2008 and shortly thereafter, 71-year-old “Captain” Daryl Dragon became seriously ill. The Enquirer reported that he suffers from tremors caused by a form of Parkinson's Disease, which makes it difficult to perform with his 73-year-old wife on stage.

The couple tied the knot in 1978, the same year their first album debuted on the national charts.  Their ABC hit television program would soon follow and the rest is history, with hits like 'Do That to Me One More Time,' 'Muskrat Love' and, yes,  the classic “Love Will Keep Us Together.”

"I don't know why she filed.  I gotta figure it out for myself first," Daryl told TMZ.  He also said they're still living together in the same house, according to the tabloid.