History and the Paranormal tend to go hand in hand as we’ve discussed but how is this reflected outside of the paranormal community?

In many instances, people who are interested in the paranormal view it as an exciting subject that is either personal or some distant subject on TV. Either way to most, it doesn’t have an impact on the everyday world outside of entertainment. In actuality, the impact of paranormal research has saved many historic sites.

Historic sites have a constant need of funding to stay open and despite countless donations, fundraisers and government allowances many sites are under a constant threat of closure. As a result many historic sites have turned to the paranormal to assist.

Large historic sites such as Gettysburg, PA and Salem, MA have had ‘ghost tours’ for decades to help benefit the local community. Ghost Tours and paranormal investigations have even saved independent sites from demolition. Sites like Rolling Hills Asylum in Bethany, NY or even Rutger Park in Utica. Paranormal investigations draw media attention to forgotten historic sites and as ghost hunting continues to grow in popularity it can also assist in raising money for the preservation of historic sites.

Many historical societies and sites are now using their reported paranormal claims as a means to draw attention and raise funding for the preservation of the sites. No longer are accounts of the paranormal regarded as harmful to a site. Historical locations ranging from Erie Canal Village to Fort Ontario utilize the paranormal as part of their yearly fund raising events.

Ghost Hunting and paranormal accounts have had an immense impact on historical preservation, in many instances even saving historic landmarks from demolition.

[From NY Shadow Chasers]