Congratulations to Grace LaFountain of New Hartford. She made Utica proud on Chopped Junior.

Grace has the "will and skill" to run just about any kitchen at the age of eleven. She has been cooking since the age of four loves seafood, and it seems like she has a very sophisticated pallet and personality. The pressure of this competition would make the average adult crumble but not our Grace.

The judges who carry impressive resumes include Marcela Valladolid - Food Network Host, Geoffrey Zakarian - Chef and Restaurateur, Billy Gardell - Actor and Comedian.

The junior chefs are given some ingredients and have to use them all in a certain amount of time.

The first menu Grace came up with was:

  • Thai Swordfish
  • Watermelon and Feta Salad
  • Pinot Grigio Figs

Looks delicious and the judges loved it. She makes it to the next round of Chopped Junior.

The second menu consisted of:

  • Seared Lamb Chop
  • Homemade Pasta With Cheesy Pizza Sauce
  • Sauteed Long Beans


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